Let’s do a good deed!

Bucket list

Your daily inspiration for a good deed

1. Donate blood.

2. Ask an elder to pay for his groceries at the cash register.

3. Pick up litter.

4. Offer food to a homeless person.

5. Apply the 1 waits / 1 goes rule in traffic.

6. Offer someone with a smaller basket to take your turn at the cash register.

7. Pass your seat to someone who needs it while commuting in a bus.

8. On your birthday, ask your dear ones to donate the money instead of buying you presents.

9. Plant a tree.

10. Use public transport to commute to work. Give up your car at least once a week. Give up your car at least once a week.

11. Adopt a shelter pet.

12. Offer to babysit to one of your friends with children.

13. Run a charity marathon.

14. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.

15. Turn off the lights whenever you get out of the room, to save power.

16. Donate warm clothes to homeless people.

17. Help a friend or a neighbor with mobility problems by offering to do their groceries.

18. Use your professional experience to teach those who want to learn, but lack the resources to do so.

19. Send lunch to a new mother through delivery services.

20. Donate 1 hour of your time to volunteering for an organization you like, every month. Change the organization monthly so that you can broaden the projects.

21. Choose to buy products that are not packaged or have environmentally friendly packaging.

22. Dispose of selectively recyclable waste.

23. Give your time to an old person when you feel he needs it.

24. Do not dispose of cooking oil anywhere. Put it in a can and take it to a collection center.

25. Use reusable nets when shopping.

26. Choose to buy from local producers.

27. Recycle textiles that can no longer be used.

28. Avoid printing documents that are not needed in physical format.

29. Do not park in places intended for people with disabilities.

30.Get involved in the community you belong to.