About us

Our story

Who is pastel Association?

Our Association is the answer for a prevailing need: making a habit out of doing good deeds. It begun in 2018 as an internal program ran at pastel, a Romanian integrated advertising agency. With this program, all members of the team have pleaded to perform a good deed every month. Why every month? Because we’re all drops of help in an ocean of problems. There’s always going to be someone who needs help and someone else who can and is willing to offer that help. Pastel Association intends to find these two parties and get them together.

Our mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire and help people and companies to perform good deeds habitually We want to be the place where any person inclined to get involved finds the right cause.

We want to bridge the gap between shortcomings and the will to become a better person.

Actively. Every month.

Our vision

We want to build a world where all people and all companies have the habit of performing good deeds. A meaningful routine that delivers help to those who need it on a regular basis. We see good as a practice we all need to have if we are to create the society we want to live in.

Our values

A good deed is good twice: first, for the person it`s aimed at; second, for the person performing it.

Each of us can perform a good deed, but when we get together great things happen.

Change for better takes shape when good deeds have a steady rhythm that turns into a habit.

We’re looking to put ourselves in the shoes of those who need us in order to understand what we need to do with kindness.

The world is our responsibility and being aware of this is reflected by the involvement and contribution of every one of us. 

We understand that there`s always room to be better, to innovate, to experiment, to learn.

The team

Dana Nae Popa


For 15 years an entrepreneur, for 18 years in communication and for even more than that a person who loves people and who wants to help. I`ve founded the integrated communication agency pastel while still being a student. Throughout these 15 years of advertising, with campaigns and clients from various fields, those that brought even the tiniest change for the better are the closest to my heart. I believe that the world will become better only when each of us gets involved in a recurrent, active and conscious manner.

Andreea Oprea
Executive Director


After spending 17 years in the finance sector, I`ve realized that what really makes my heart warm is getting involved in the problems of our society. I`ve decided to make this change, to be part of pastel Association and to build a better world. I believe that each of us can be part of the change.We can make a better world; all we need is to be a bit more responsible and more involved.

I define myself as a person of action. Action means taking steps forward. Each step takes you closer to the destination My destination is change. . I`ve learned that what I really need is to do, not to wait.

Iulia Mațuchis
Project Manger


I truly believe that help takes many forms and that each of us can help. I`m happy to be part of pastel Association, happy that together we can offer the encouragement each person willing to help needs.

What I do now puts me in the position to support a team of 30 members. It`s from this position that I`ve learned how motivation leans on encouragement and moral support. I`m ready to offer help to those who need it, be they beneficiaries, volunteers or collaborators.

Let`s create a habit out of good deeds!