Redirect 3.5%

Why get involved?

– to support the formation of a long-term habit: doing good recurrently;

– to be close to the friends that already are involved in NGO activities or programs;

– to be part of the change that`s making your community better;

– to give back some of the help you`ve received yourself to your community and to those around you;

– to be part of a change in mentality with long-term results.


How does it work?

By filling out and submitting the 230 form, you`re picking a specific destination for this money: an NGO of your choice whose projects you support.

Don`t forget! You can choose to redirect the corresponding 3.5% for 1 or 2 years. If you choose the second option, it will remain valid for a maximum of 2 fiscal years.

Redirecting 3.5% of the income tax the state withholds in a year is not a donation This is you deciding where some of the money you’ve already paid to the state should be invested. In the case you don`t pick a non-profit entity, the entire sum will remain in the state’s account.


Do you have income from salaries?

Finally, sign with your mouse or finger on the screen. We take care of the rest.

Do you earn independent income?

and completes the unique declaration for income from other sources (transfer of use of assets, PFA / CI, etc.)

Submit the Unique Tax Declaration directly in the virtual space (SPV)

Be aware! Be aware! In case you are filling out the Unique Tax Declaration online, you need to add our financial information at the 3.5% entry (section 6, point A, page 6), as seen below:

Name of non-profit entity/unit of worship: Pastel Association

Unique tax identification code of the non-profit entity/unit of worship:43260055

Bank account (IBAN): : RO22MIRO0000907290500101