Love without bruises (edition 2) – November 2022

„Love without bruises”, the cause we supported in November 2022, was a project carried out for the second time by the pastel Association. Unfortunately, prevention, law and special assistance at the service of victims do not cope with this phenomenon, therefore we aimed to use all the resources we had at our disposal to support the survivors.


The problem: The impact of domestic violence on victims is long-lasting and requires a lot of care, based on mental and physical resources. The places where women can take shelter with their children are scarce, and the primary purpose of these places is to help victims reintegrate into society. However, the needs of the domestic violence survivors are much greater and cannot be fully covered by the (assistance) centers where they arrive.


The solution: To provide support kits, covering most of the basic needs, for as many women from the centers around the country that shelter victims of domestic violence. The centers are: The complex of services for specialized intervention in the field of family protection and children rights Bacau, the multifunctional center for victims of domestic violence Suceava, Hecuba Foundation Iași, the Emergency Primirein Center for victims of domestic violence Vaslui and the integrated Services Center for victims of domestic violence Iași. The total number of beneficiaries to which we turned our attention was 39 women and 79 children. Our solution arose from the desire to help these women with items necessary for the body care, in order to let them to focus on healing and reintegration.


Partners: The good people from Baurom, Bebe Tei, Cosmetic Plant, Avon, Himalaya and Sameday were close to us in this cause.


What we did with the help of the partners, donors and trough the channels that we involved in the promotion of this project:

  • The products reached the 5 centers in the area of Moldova – Gura Humorului, Iași, Bacău, Bârlad –

(out of which 4 are state centers and one of them – a private center)

  • 39 women survivors benefited from kits containing absorbers, shampoos, shower gels, hand creams, deodorants, body creams and perfumes.
  • 79 children benefited from kits containing shampoo, shower gel and laundry detergent for children.
  • Babies up to 3 years old have benefited from shampoo, shower gel, baby laundry detergent, irritating creams and diapers.
  • In total, nearly 1300 personal care products were donated.


Accomplished good deeds