Together on a shift for the good – January 2023


“Together on a shift for the good” was the first project carried out this year, by the pastel Association.  This movement aimed to offer to the homeless people a helping hand throughout the winter, along to a glimpse of hope.


The problem: In 2010, it was estimated that 5000 people were living without a shelter, but this number has unwittingly increased. For them, winter is the decisive challenge in the struggle with life. For them, during this period, the wounds caused by frost become the main concern, in addition to the lack of food and shelter. Every cold day can bring the sentence of a tragic ending, in front of which they are powerless.


The solution: To give the homeless individuals access to a trimming and shaving session, after a warm shower and a reliable material kit, so they would feel like they are not alone.


Partners: In this project we joined our forces with our partners: Samusocial from Romania and BebeTei, with whom we could shape this cause.


What we did with the help of the partners, donors and trough the channels that we involved in the promotion of this project:

  • On January 31st, we went to the day center of Samusocial Romania
  • There, about 32 homeless beneficiaries had access to a warm shower and hot food as well as canned food from Samusocial Romania
  • During the event, we offered the beneficiaries a trimming and shaving session, where two hairstylists have dedicated their experience to provide people with a neat and comfortable look
  • We offered kits that included for each recipient: A sleeping bag, a hat, a pair of gloves, a scarf, a set of 5 socks, cakes, and other sweet snacks
  • More than that, the beneficiaries received warm tea on a snowy day
  • We left teas, shampoos, and soaps- offered by our partner BebeTei, at the Samusocial center from Romania, as to be further offered to the beneficiaries in the upcoming months.


We have met people with various emotional life stories, beaten by time and carelessness:


People who went to work in another country, where they strived for 2 months without getting their money. People who lost their home due to the division of brothers. People who grew up without parents, seeing them dying in front of their own eyes. People who live in stables, garages, block stairs or any other place from which they are not banished. People who have taught us that there are many nuances behind the things we see. People who see the provided kit so much needed. Together with them, we cried, we resonated, but we also felt the greatest satisfaction: witnessing them grinning and experiencing joy, which, hopefully, has rebuilt their faith in other people and in a better future.

Accomplished good deeds 2023