Dear me – februarie 2023


Dear me, pastel Association’s project in February 2023, was about confusion and uncertainty that define adolescence, this important stage in the life of a human being, and about how we can, through precise actions, to increase self-esteem and the understanding of oneself when it comes to high school students. 


The problem: In Romania, 7 out of 10 young people have a low self-esteem and would prefer school to get involved in offering information about diversity, about the fact that it is ok to be different and not be perfect. 


The solution: To give students from Școala Centrală in Bucharest an one-hour workshop held by a psychotherapist. She would talk about adolescence, about the risks and opportunities of this period and about how can someone choose a path or how he wants to be like, acquiring, at the same time, a better understanding of the world and of oneself. 


Partners: This project was entirely supported by our Association.


What we did with the help of the partners, donors and trough the channels that we involved in the promotion of this project:

  • On February 13th, (on Self Love Day), psychotherapist Simona Stoica held a workshop on self love in the hall of Școala Centrală National College.
  • It was an interactive workshop, as Simona Stoica held some exercises for students to become aware of one’s inner critical voice and to make them acknowledge how they relate to the various adults in their lives. The purpose of these exercises was to learn balance and to acquire a positive emotional state, but also to learn how to deal with difficult situations. 
  • The workshop was attended by 74 students from 3 classes of 11th graders. Each student received from our part a box with a pin and a motivational sticker which would remind them to love themselves more. 
  • We have glued motivational messages on the school bathrooms’ mirrors (eg: Start with a hug. Usually, that is what you need most / An unique print I should consider more: my smile / I don’t have to change to fit in a pattern. My place is where I can be myself and I will find it. etc).
  • Our team has shared on Social Media their own stories about adolescence in a vulnerability exercise meant to connect us to the child /  teenager we once were.


It was really interesting, and it made me think about my future” was our favourite feedback because what we wanted the most was to plant a seed of trust but also to make teenagers look inside themselves and to question their own coping mechanisms. 

Accomplished good deeds