Saving pedals – March 2023


“Saving pedals” is the project of the pastel Association, which aims with each edition to extend the freedom of adults and children with limited powers, in order to restore their freedom as to venture into their own lives without fears or boundaries!


Issue: The National Authority for the Rights of persons with Disabilities, Children and Adoptions of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (ANPDPD) attests that a number of 207,506 persons fall into the category of persons with motor disabilities. Electric chairs enhance the quality of life compared to classic wheelchairs through their durability and the advantage of manual control. The purchase of these electric chairs is a challenge for people with disabilities, considering the cost of such a chair.


The solution: To offer a new chance of living with confidence and without barriers to the individuals with reduced mobility by granting them with 31 electric wheelchairs /purchasing 31 electric wheelchairs for them. We are confident that through these electric chairs we have been able to help the beneficiaries with locomotor deficiency to regain their motivation to explore, to socialize, to have access to education and to a profession, by their own strength, along with a psychological impulse: to feel independent again.


Partners: Carrefour Romania supported us in this project and together we offered a new beginning to the ones with motor disabilities. In the autumn, together with our partner, Carrefour, we will do even more for our beneficiaries.


What we have done through the partners, donors / channels on which we promoted this project:

-We offered 31 electric wheelchairs to individuals with locomotor disabilities

– Out of the 31 electric wheelchairs, some went to beneficiaries who registered online, that were part of ASCHF-R and to the members of the Conil Association.

– The event was attended by representatives from Carrefour Romania, ASCHF-R and Conil Association

– The event from 31.03 was hosted in a hall of the Conil Association and took place in several stages:

  • The event was opened by the speeches of the organizers
  • It continued with the motivational discourse of Lilia Mîndru, along with her dog – Happy, that shared her life experience with the beneficiaries.
  • The event ended with joy, tears, and emotions, by effectively offering the electric wheelchairs to the present beneficiaries.





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