Playground for inclusion – April 2023


Playground for inclusion, pastel Association’s project in April 2023, meant creating a space that promoted social inclusion and offered equal opportunities to children with special educational requirements in Roșiorii de Vede.


Problem: Either we talk about mobility disability or a serious syndrome, 126 children at the School Center for Inclusive Education in Roșiorii de Vede are fighting to fit in society every single day. In order to become independent in their school and social life they needed interactive educational materials, which were proven to be the best in making them understand the world better. 


Solution:  Fitting up the Center with a Playroom. It would be used to support the educational and therapeutic activities with the necessary materials, that the Center lacked


Partners: The project was entirely sponsored by Wave Studio. Also, Ioana Nicola from Idei Pictate joined our initiative and painted the Playroom’s walls. 


What we have done through our partners, donors / Social Media influencers / channels through which we have promoted this project:

  • We reached the School Center of Inclusive Education in Roșiorii de Vede where we built a Playroom for the 126 children with various disabilities, Down syndrome, autism, and other cognitive behavioral disorders.
  • We offered over 130 educational materials and furniture pieces
  • 48 teachers will coordinate the classes and the activity inside the Playroom.
  • A mural was painted inside the Playroom with the help of Ioana Nicola – Idei Pictate.
  • 11 volunteers joined forces at the event. With their help, we managed to paint another wall in the Playroom, we sorted the materials, installed tables, and arranged curtains. 
  • From a PR point of view, our event reached Antena3’s local station, and the press release was picked up by over 15 national and general publications.
  • We lived the excitement with the kids and their teachers, we played and laughed together.


Our favourite feedback came from Stela Dumitru, the director at the School Center for Inclusive Education in Roșiorii de Vede, who said: “These people will go on with their lives and they will talk about how special you all are”.




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