Refresh Pădurea Băneasa – mai 2023 – narrative report


Refresh Băneasa, pastel Association’s project from May 2023, was about the forest-park in Băneasa and about cleaning the forest’s most populated areas as the waste resulting from relaxation activities can ultimately suffocate the space


Problem: the impact of waste on flora and fauna is extremely harmful, as the microplastic can be swallowed by animals. 


Solution: as we are very enthusiastic when it comes to environmental actions, we chose to get involved to clean the park’s alleys alongside volunteers who share the same values. 


Partners: ProCredit Bank was the event’s main partner. Prima TV was the project’s media partner.


What we have done through our partners, donors / Social Media influencers / channels through which we have promoted this project:

  • 130 volunteers have participated to the cleaning of Băneasa Forest on May the 27th 2023.  
  • Over 1 ton of waste was gathered in 4 hours of volunteering.
  • Volunteers of all ages have been with us and they collected the waste with enthusiasm and enjoying the team spirit fully.
  • In total, we benefited from 14 disseminations of our press release, before and after the event, in general, CSR, NGO, environmental, and business publications and in Social Media. After the event, PRIMA TV has aired a press report on the event and we also benefited from influencers’ posts in Social Media. 


Our favourite feedback was “It was my duty to give back to nature what she is giving me” and this sums up the reciprocity we want to nurture through our actions to protect the environment. We are happy that the volunteers felt the same way.




ProCredit Bank


Media Partner:

Prima TV

Accomplished good deeds 2023