SEA the good – June 2023


SEA the good”, the project of the pastel Association from June 2023, was about a different kind of 1st of June for the children from vulnerable backgrounds who had never seen the sea, never felt the sand beneath their feet, and had never experienced the calming sound of waves crashing ashore.


Problem: In Romania, 7 out of 10 children from rural areas never went to a camp at sea, their activities being focused on working in the village.


Solution: To bring 15 kids from Slănic Prahova and the surrounding area to the beach for the first time, so they can enjoy the waves of the sea, the wet sand, and the lovely activities that are only possible along the coast.


Partners: Together with our partner, PROFI, we have brought a SEA of good in children’s lives, offering them a unique experience.


What we did through the partners, donors / influences from Social Media / channels on which we promoted this project:

  • We offered the children a first interaction with the beach and a well-deserved sea bath.
  • We surprised the kids with a distinctive dolphinarium show.
  • We carried out a series of activities with them on the beach and offered them gift kits, for a complete experience.
  • By planning a beach sanitation activity in the Casino Mamaia area, we were able to clean it with the support of the children, PROFI volunteers, and instructors of young children. This helped the kids to understand the value of a clean environment.
  • We provided a trip on the gondola lift cable car for the kids over Constanța. 
  • Through a snorkeling lesson, we introduced kids to the amazing marine environment and piqued their interest in the undersea world.
  • The ” SEA the good ” project was covered by a series of media categories, including TV, online visibility, reports, and numerous press release takeovers.


 “ I think this experience will motivate me to take the lead in a good action every month ” was the feedback that we enjoyed the most, representing the clearest proof that we haven’t only offered to the  children an experience, but we’ve also transmitted them the desire to pass on this “ SEA of good ”.

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