Togheter for Amara – second edition – December 2022

“I want to become a firefighter.” “I’m going to be a ballerina.” These are some of the answers given in response to the eternal question: “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Beyond the touching lines as: “teacher like my mother”, there is a pure and doubtless hope, coming from the heart of a child who has not yet learned that desires can NOT (always) become reality.


The little ones who have only one parent or none, the ones that were left in the care of grandparents while parents were fighting for a better life in another country, the children with many brothers and sisters – understand loneliness and deprivation far too early in life. The future for them is always an uncertain tomorrow.


The community of children from the Amara village, located in Buzău County, was built around the „Day Care Center”. There and only there, the youngsters between the ages of 6 and 14 can gather to do homework, to play and, most importantly, to have a hot meal a day. The center was closed during the pandemic, which generated an even greater need for help for the children from Amara. Now the center has reopened, and the children have the opportunity to enjoy attention, activities and kind and supporting words again. Christmas is pretty bitter at Amara. Because in this time of the year, the craving for „cozonac” is bigger, and their absence is even more keenly felt.


„We give for Amara” is, in figures: the seventeenth project of the pastel Association, the second time we collect Christmas donations for them and, in fact, the ninth year since we got involved in the life of the community of Amara Village. Our colleague Andreea has been taking care of the vulnerable children’s community for many years, and with each ocassion we all got involved in the different stages of the project, and now we have the opportunity to do even more good. We hope that these children will feel seen, heard, and valued when we visit them again this coming year. This year we asked the children to write letters, and several business personnel opted to play the role of Santa Claus for them.


If you would want to bring the joy to a kid from Amara Village to celebrate Christmas, please consider making a donation of any amount of money, non-perishable meals, treats, fruits, books, toys, or NEW clothing. We’ll package the items and deliver them to the Day Center. For the first option, donate by pressing the button below. Regarding the second option, we are waiting for physical donations at our headquarters at 33 Ardeleni Street.



Together, we can be Santa’s goblins and fulfill some of the wishes of these children. They deserve the worm feeling that comes from eating well, wearing new clothes and to enjoy the momorable feeling of gathering around the tree without thinking about the future.


The Pastel Association is a firm believer in the impact of good deeds carried out consistently, month after month. If our mission suits you and you want to leave your mark on the world, support us with a donation on this project and spread awareness regarding our mission to your friends and co-workers. Don’t let a month go by without performing a good deed!

Accomplished good deeds