RoboWave – November 2022 – August 2023


We, at the pastel Association, shape dreams, give voice to people’s passions and transform lives, because we know that this is the foundation of a better world. By investing in young talents and their education, we not only pave the way for them to a promising future, but actively contribute to shaping a world in which technology becomes a universal language of progress, innovation and, in the end, a common good.


The Challenge: The AutoVortex Romania robotics team has been honorably representing our country at international robotics competitions for many years, but high-performance education, unfortunately, cannot be achieved without the support of the business environment and without private funds.


The solution: We aligned the values of our partner, Wave Studio, a great supporter of educational causes, with the ambitions of the AutoVortex Romania club. Through the sponsorship of Wave, the passionate high school students were able to build a caliber robot, with an innovative technology inspired by the special military technique of combat missiles. They participated with it in national and international competitions. During the competitions, the robotics team stood out in a detached way and went home with multiple prizes, once again becoming a source of national pride.


Partners: The partnership with Wave Studio was a critical factor in the success of our initiative. Their contribution was very valuable and consisted of both significant financial resources, but also fresh perspectives and constant invaluable support.


What we did through partners, donors / social media influencers / channels on which we promoted this project:

  • We gave the young people from the robotics team the opportunity to learn to work in a team and help each other, but also to understand the discipline of the competition;
  • Within the project, they learned to program in Java, to make complex mechanisms and acquired new knowledge in the field of mechanics and programming;
  • Around 30 young people benefited from the experience of the project;
  • The AutoVortex Romania team, receiving the financial support and tools it needed to turn its dreams and visions into reality, achieved exceptional results in national and international competitions:
    • South Korea International Robotics Championship – February 4 – 1ST PLACE;
    • FTC Romania National Championship – March 9 – 11 – 1ST PLACE;
    • International Championship in India – March 11 – 12 – 1ST PLACE;
    • World Championship from USA – April 19 – 22 – SEMI-FINAL;
    • Maryland USA International Championship June 23-25, 2023 – 6TH PLACE.


“We want to organize in Romania a super regional competition for all of Central and Eastern Europe, in which we promote performance values and respect for each nation”, “I worked every weekend from noon to late at night and during the week in the evening after school . Enthusiasm was very high and adrenaline at a maximum level” were just some of the enthusiastic and grateful words of the talented high school students.


Together, we are writing the code for a more prosperous future, a future where every young person passionate about technology and automation can make a lasting mark on the world.



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