RoboWave – November 2022

The pastel Association views education as one of the most crucial spheres in the organization’s existence and will consistently devote significant resources to this area. That’s because educational causes have the grand objective of moving and changing the world and the we are here, in this sea of good people, as every action that we manifest has the precise purpose of transforming lives.


Sometimes it happens that things settle down in the best possible way for the category targeted by our projects. We get involved in a cause, we look for people who are aligned with our values, and we build relationships with them. And they are sticking with us even further. This was portrayed in our story with Wave Studio (Playgroup for Inclusion – April 2022). And when the robotic team from the AutoVortex Romania brought our attention, we knew that we would decode together the mysteries of robotics.


AutoVortex Romania already represents our country with honor at the international robotics competitions. For high school students, the club is the starting point in getting acquainted with the different construction pieces used to create the robot chassis, metal and plastic processing, as well as other state-of-the-art innovations. Excellent as a social space, the club is also a source of pride, as participation in international battle robot tournaments has consistently resulted in prizes.


On the other hand, our partner, Wave Studio, is a mobile application startup, a perfect partner in developing projects in the IT/robotics/tech area, active and ardent advocate for educational concerns. The two organizations came together naturally, as a result of the Wave Studio’ s support, AutoVortex Romania will create a combat robot that will be featured in both nationally and internationally events in which they will compete alongside the children until August 2023.


We are delighted that together with Wave Studio and AutoVortex Romania Robotics Club we have initiated a beautiful and prospere collaboration which will result in a bright future of education and competition for teenagers passionate about robotics.



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