Love without bruises (edition 2) – November 2022

Women killed by partners.

Women – victims of attempted murder.

Women who do not feel and ARE not safe at home.

Assaulted women. Humiliated women. Women pushed and beaten. Their children – collateral victims of  abuses, left with deep, incurable wounds.


Women victims of domestic violence were also in the focus of the pastel Association last year (read here – link to the narrative report „Love without bruises” – how we managed to become a form of support for them). Domestic violence is a cause that we instantly rally to because, unfortunately, prevention, law and special forces at the service of victims do not cope with this phenomenon.


There are few ways to escape, the victims having no alternative but to remain around and at the “discretion” of their abusers. Leaving is nearly impossible because of the procedural requirements for an effective escape and the numerous anchors that women who have been the victims of violence actually need.


In addition, the places where women can shelter with their children are few, their primary purpose being to help victims reintegrate into society. However, the needs of survivors of domestic violence are much greater and cannot be fully covered by the centers where they arrive.


That is why, the pastel Association aims, as last year, to intervene by offering support kits for as many women in the centers who shelter victims of domestic violence from the country. The centers are: The complex of services for specialized intervention in the field of family protection and children rights Bacău, the multifunctional center for victims of domestic violence Suceava, Hecuba Foundation Iași and the Center for integrated Services for victims of domestic violence Iași. The total number of beneficiaries we are focusing on is 33 women.


What do we want? Let us support them with necessary consumable products for one year. The needs are shampoos, absorbents, shower gels, deodorants, toothbrushes and toothpastes, soaps and towels. We also help with donations of strollers, school bags and school supplies, because the women in the respective centers are accompanied by their little ones who also have specific needs.


How can you help us? By donating any of the above mentioned products to our Association (write us for any questions) or by contributing with any amount of money to the account of this project.


The feeling/state of safetyness is transmitted and felt when basic needs are secured. And a routine that enables you to take care of these essential needs without having to struggle might empower you to fight for a better life for you and your loved ones.  This is what we are fighting for at the pastel Association. And we hope that you will be in our assent and will support the victims of domestic violence with a donation.



Thank you!


The Pastel Association is a firm believer in the impact of good deeds carried out consistently, month after month. If our mission suits you and you want to leave your mark on the world, support us with a donation on this project and spread awareness regarding our mission to your friends and co-workers. Don’t let a month go by without performing a good deed!