On the way to the future – October 2022

More than a year after the foundation of the pastel Association and after 12 months of projects in which we have given our best to our beneficiaries, we start this month a movement that will complement all our other monthly projects. Every month, from now on, we take on the mission of providing shoes to a rural child every day, for at least one year.


According to Eurostat, the children in Romania are the most at risk of poverty and social exclusion from the EU: 41% of them are in this situation. The highest share of children in this situation is in Romania (41.5%), Bulgaria (36.2%), Spain (31.8%) and Greece (31.5%).


We would like to stop being haunted, in the middle of winter, by the image of weak and barefoot children, as we have been since 2019, when, in one of our projects, we met a family that owned only one pair of slippers, that was switched among the 6 children who wanted to go outside to see Santa Claus. We would like this image to become one with the past, to think of it as a peculiarity of a distant past, as a result, intrinsically linked to the education and mentalities of a certain period. We would like to stop our souls from being hurt, to stop turning our heads to a situation already accepted by those we look at.


If you want to be a part of our movement, let’s provide shoes for the unfavored Romania together! Donate money or shoes to us and we take care of their redistribution in rural communities and to the children who need them most. If you want to donate pairs of shoes already wore, please just keep in mind that they have to be in very good condition. Give us a message for more details.


We are grateful to collect the monetary contributions at the button below. We will shop the necessarily items and, monthly, we will donate the shoes to the beneficiaries.



Thank you for fulfilling an essential need to the generation of the future.


The Pastel Association is a firm believer in the impact of good deeds carried out consistently, month after month. If our mission suits you and you want to leave your mark on the world, support us with a donation on this project and spread awareness regarding our mission to your friends and co-workers. Don’t let a month go by without performing a good deed!