Good deeds for inclusion, pastel Association’s project in June, was about education, integration and social inclusion for children and young people with various disabilities, but also about an event which showcased all their talents.

Problem: At Conil Fest, a festival dedicated to inclusion, tolerance, friendship, and acceptance, almost 1500 typical and special needs children would perform on the scene of the Metropolitan Circus. An event this big needed support.

Solution: Conil Association has granted potential partners with several sponsorship packs so that the latter could show their support.

Partners: This time, pastel Association was happy to be a partner and sponsor in this project which was perfectly aligned with our values. Thanks to you, we have managed to cover this sponsorship through our 230 forms.


What we have done for this project:

  • We were Good Fairies for the children on the Conil Fest scene and we have sponsored the event.
  • Our sponsorship translated into the free showcase of a circus show for 700 children with special needs, children from foster homes and also for 70 Ukrainian refugees.
  • The Festival’s 20th edition saw the free access of 120 children to a circus show.
  • We were happy to see over 1200 talented children on the scene of the Metropolitan Circus, in an artistic marathon of a colossal magnitude.
  • One of our favourite moments was the Friendship Hora, an emotional moment where typical and special needs children have joined hands, as a symbol of tolerance, acceptance, and friendship.