STARTedu – september 2022

3 schools for 5 villages. One commune which is one of the most isolated in the country. 44 children registered for kindergarten or school. One high school located at a distance of 102 km. One war with firings that are heard across the border, and which are inducing fear.


When figures are dry, and reality is sterile, we, pastel Association, are choosing to focus our attention on the most important aspect: the children’s education. When we decide whom to help, we imagine the joy, and children are proficient in accepting gifts, no matter what these are.


September’s project is about children and school start, about isolation, various types of difficulties, discomforts but also about giving, mission and care – for children, families, and education.


With STARTedu, we are continuing the tradition of helping children when school starts – that we initiated with grădiSTART for Necșești – and we are focusing our attention on the community in the C.A Rosetti commune in Tulcea county and the 44 children registered in the educational system, from kindergarten and until the 8th grade. There are 3 villages with educational institutions (C.A. Rosetti, Letea and Periprava), and the community has no designated space for relaxation or free time (whether we talk about playgrounds, parks, or football fields). The school materials must be acquired from Tulcea and it costs around 200 lei to get there and this amount of money can barely be allotted for the school materials.


44 children need help. It is time for them to learn, to be educated, it is their only hope. Most of them can’t allow to further their studies after the end of 8th grade. Their teachers make big administrative efforts to get to these isolated villages and teach (their itinerary includes a boat ride and a car ride on a very rough road for 20 km). The good thing, you may ask. The principal of the three schools, who is very involved and who is working a lot to get sponsorships and funds in order for her to focus on the kids’ needs.


The principal was the one who provided us with a list of needs for the children – school materials, teaching and auxiliary materials, cleaning and office products, swings, curtains, and carpets.


44 children need to enjoy the time they spend in kindergarten and school, to be intellectually stimulated with new and interesting materials, to discover the pleasure to learn, to activate their curiosity, to stop measuring their transit to and from school only in discomforts. We would like to offer them individual kits, with everything they need, and giving them when school starts.


If our plan is meaningful to you, we wait for a sign on your part if you want to donate school materials – we have a complete list that we can release to donors. If you can donate any amount of money, we are happily registering your contribution on the button below. Sharing our message to your friends and colleagues also helps.



We thank you in the name of each of the 44 children in the C.A. Rosetti commune in Tulcea!


Pastel Association believes in the power of recurrent good deeds, done month by month. If our mission fits and you wish to leave a mark on the world, donate for this project, and spread the news of this fundraising with your colleagues and friends. Let’s make it count and let’s not leave a month pass without doing a good deed!