Road to education – August 2022

The road to education, our end of summer and start of school cause, was about curious children, dropping out, normality and equal education rights…


The problem: Almost 130 students from Șerban Vodă High School in Slănic, Prahova county, walked 8 km to and from school on the main road without sidewalks, with heavy car traffic. Bad weather, rain, snow or hot days were a major impediment to their getting to school on time and a constant cause for concern on all sides: children, parents and educators. Not even a private minibus would have solved the students’ problem, because their parents would have been unable to pay the subscriptions, most of them having a difficult financial situation. Dropping out of school was imminent.


The solution: The purchase of a minibus to transport the primary and secondary school students to the high school.


Partners: Our main partner was the Narada Organization, through the HartaEdu platform. Also, the Profi, Bitstone and Inspectorul Auto companies supported the project.


What we did for this project:

  • The 30,000 euros donation was supported by the Narada Organization, through the HartaEdu platform, Profi and BitStone.
  • The minibus was technically inspected, pro-bono, by the Inspectorul Auto company.
  • Slănic Prahova town hall will support fuel costs, minibus maintenance and the driver’s salary.
  • The minibus handover event took place at the Șerban Vodă Theoretical High School in Slănic, Prahova, on October 4, the day before Education Day.
  • Primary school students prepared an artistic moment, and the day ended with a drawing contest on the asphalt.
  • Through BIC Romania, the pastel Association partner, we awarded all the children with school supplies at the end of the asphalt drawing contest.


The moment when the minibus made its appearance in the Slănic school yard was an impressive one for us, thanks to the reaction of all the children present. The explosion of joy with which they greeted the arrival of the minibus brought tears to our eyes and reminded us that every step of our way to support education is essential for a better future for Romania. Thanks for the emotions!

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