Zoo Care Center – july 2020

Zoo Care Center, the project of pastel Association accomplished in July, focused on the needs of the Calaraşi Zoo and on our desire to create a veterinary clinic/cabinet, meant to take care and to save the lives of the animals that live in this environment.


The problem: Unfortunately, we were not able to help to the extent we originally planned. The veterinary clinic/cabinet with its appropriate tools and technologies, represented one of the multiple needs that were communicated by the Zoo’s administration, as aid was needed on several levels.


The solution: However, we managed to cover other needs of the Calaraşi Zoo and to bring good changes


Partners: Clean Recycle, our partner in the Refresh Văcăreşti project, supported us in this project as well


What we have done in this project:

  • Through Clean Recycle, we sent 15 banks that were installed by the Zoo staff for the benefit of the Zoo’s visitors.
  • A partner-company has donated birdhouses to the Zoo, that were painted by their employees and their children at a Children’s Day event.
  • We also sent to the Zoo 60 boxes of surgical gloves, very useful to the Zoo’s employees.


Throughout this project, we addressed the existing needs, and we solved what we could with the resources we disposed. We learned the lesson of patience, we mobilized, and succeeded in finding other ways than the initial planned ones, to do good. We would still be delighted to find new contributors that could help with the necessary instruments and materials – various pieces of furniture, tables and surgical lamps, microscopes, ultrasounds, hemostatic tweezers, biochemistry analyzers, otoscopes – ophthalmoscopes and stethoscopes to help the treatment of animals, to carry out the necessary investigations in order to detect irregularities and nevertheless to improve their health – we would be grateful for any type of contribution. We are equally driven by the desire to mediate animals’ access to the proper care they deserve.


We are waiting for your donations at the following link:  https://bit.ly/AsociatiapastelZooCareCenter. With regard to the payment details section, please add the name of the project for which you want to contribute (e.g. Zoo Care Center). Thank you!