Zoo Care Center – july 2020

A zoo is a facility that means access to education for children and adults alike. When we talk about specimens that are hardly observable in their usual habitat, a zoo facilitates their contemplation in a safe environment, and it is also a knowledge bridge that every individual needs. Unfortunately, the younger generations have a minimal contact with nature and that is what made zoos to be an essential element in the support of education.


Dumbrava Călărași Recreation Center is one of the biggest zoos in the country, as it boasts with a number of over 930 animals, some of them being unique in Romania. Its mission is to inspire respect for the wildlife, to educate regarding biodiversity, to arouse curiosity and to be a starting point for a future passion or job.


That is why it’s important that the zoo’s residents, whether we talk about tigers, alpacas, fish, hippos, zebras, kangaroos, or ostriches, keep their excellent health and benefit from the right resources. We want Cooper, the hippo, to keep enjoying his birthday in May, to eat melons with every meal. We would want that Vandana, the camel, to continue to enjoy her salad, the apples, and the carrots. And we most definitely want that Luna, the wolf, to never be lethargic and with broken limbs, as it was initially found and then rescued and cared for by the Zoo’s employees.


At the moment, the Center has an improvised vet practice which lacks the necessary equipment, and the medical services take place in the paddocks. Animals can hurt one another, or they can acquire life endangering health problems. There is, thus, an acute need for appropriate equipment which would help the Zoo’s employees to properly intervene when problems occur.


This is the main reason why pastel Association planned to endow a space inside the Recreation Center with the equipment every vet office needs. We plan to purchase various furniture pieces, a surgical lamp and table, microscope, an ultrasound machine, haemostats, biochemistry analyzer, otoscope-ophthalmoscope and stethoscope which would help treating the animals and making the needed investigations which would detect abnormalities and improve the animals’ health. We are mediating, thus, the access to better care.


If this mission fits with your beliefs and you want to save crocodiles, jaguars, ostriches, or Egyptian geese, confidently press the donation button below. We would also be pleased if you can donate one of the equipment pieces above and, for that, we are waiting for an email on your part at contact@asociatiapastel.ro.



pastel Association believes in the power of recurrent good deeds, done month by month. If our mission fits and you wish to leave a mark on the world, donate for this project, and spread the news of this fundraising with your colleagues and friends. Let’s make it count and let’s not leave a month pass without doing a good deed!