We know. We know that there are tens of thousands of NGOs in Romania, but we also know that there is always room for doing even more good. That is why we dream to turn good deeds into a habit, and we would like people and companies to join in, not just the NGOs. We believe that once a good deed turns into the discipline of doing good, the results of the change we all strive for will present themselves.


That is why we welcome you in purchasing an aBUNament(a subscription to make good deeds) from pastel Association. Month by month, we will come up with the best reasons why companies should involve their teams into doing good deeds regularly.


You can write to Andreea at andreea.oprea@asociatiapastel.ro for more details. You and your team can even be involved in a personalized type of an aBUNament according to the company’s number of employees and the resources you have at your disposal for investment.


If doing good deeds is also important for you, our aBUNament is the best way to remind you to do them on a regular basis.


Let’s do some good every month!