Good eyes for the future – august 2021

There are approximately 120 children in the commune of Balta Alba in the county of Buzau. During the pandemic, they moved their educational activity in front of a tablet. This change has led to the manifestation of some symptoms like eye fatigue, headaches and focus difficulties. Most of these children have never checked their visual acuity and they wouldn’t have a place to go to do that because there is no medical optics cabinet nearby which could provide them that consult.


We, at pastel Association, would want these children to read as good from their favourite book and at the blackboard, to distinguish close and distant shapes and to do homework with no problems. That is why, joined by a local partner, Optiline Vision, and supported by the City Hall in Balta Albă, we will offer an eye check-up to the children in this community. We are happy we all agree that a routine check-up can save a child’s eyes.


We need your help as we estimate that 30% of these children will need eyeglasses after the check-up. A pair of eyeglasses represents a financial effort of RON 500 that families in the commune cannot sustain. But if 10 people chipped in RON 50, this pair of eyeglasses would make the difference between a child who struggles to understand school requests written on the blackboard and one who can effortlessly see and easily understand everything.


That is why we need a donation for the purchase of eyeglasses for the children of Balta Alba. Not only you will help the child, but also the parents who live with the constant fear that they can’t offer him the essentials of a good upbringing: a good eyesight and a clear future.



pastel Association believes in the power of recurrent good deeds, done month by month. If our mission fits and you wish to leave a mark on the world, donate for this project, and spread the news of this fundraising with your colleagues and friends. Let’s make it count and let’s not leave a month pass without doing a good deed!

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