grădiSTART for Necșești – september 2021

In 2013, Necșești was designated the poorest village in Romania by the Ministry of Development. Its own residents said about this place: „we don’t have a pharmacy, we don’t have water, sewage, we have nothing”. The working adults are just a few, as most of the residents are either retired, or socially assisted. Out of the 1000 inhabitants, only 100 are pupils, 40 of them being registered in the pre-school system.


The shortage in resources led the 40 children to stop attenting kindergarten and also to permanently come out of the system. Poverty is one of the most important reasons that strip children of educational opportunities although, ironically, it’s investment and attention to education which would lead to the stoppage of everyday deprivations.


When it comes to early education, things are so much more important. Our Association believes in the power of education, in the power of a story that can lead to big dreams, the ocean of possibilities that open when you model with clay or paint fairies or butterflies. And we planned on helping these children have a good start to kindergarten.


With help from people who donated for them and supported by our partner, CEZ Vânzare, all pre-schoolers in Necșești started the school year and never felt they lacked anything.


The kits we provided consisted of educational materials (pencils, watercolors, modelling clay, colouring books, puzzles, backpacks etc), but also clothes and footwear. CEZ Vânzare’s sponsorship was of over 73% of the total of the project and this led to the purchase of everything the 40 children needed.


The feedback we received from the children’s teacher was positive, as she said the children were mesmerized by all the materials, especially the storybooks.

Accomplished good deeds