grădiSTART for Necșești – september 2021

The needs of the children in the commune of Necșești, in the Teleorman county, are not thoroughly covered. There, priorities adjust daily, and their future is scarred by a type of uncertainty that chips on everybody’s shoulders. Maybe sad, but definitely true.


The children in Necșești have no means. The area is underdeveloped, and privations are constantly lingering there. Soon starts a new school year and the commune’s youngest residents won’t know the joy of playing with modelling clay, or color animals, princesses, or flowers. They won’t find out how good does a freshly sharpened pencil smell or how many dreams may a single story inspire.


pastel Association firmly believes in education and in early education, especially, as it is the foundation of a healthy start for a future adult, perfectly integrated in society. We know that, at a cognitive level, these pre-school years set the tone for a child’s future interests and this is the time when knowledge assimilation happens because a child so small is a sponge soaking in everything he sees around him.


Without the necessary accessories, however, without materials that would facilitate the access to the best that education holds – the fact that the world is a sea of possibilities -, these children’s horizons would narrow. But here we are. And here you are.


Our good deed in September is this: we want to help the children of Necșești to dream. To model with crepe paper, use their imagination and glue, colour and build. To do all the little things that will make him grow.


We are lucky to develop this project together with the good people of CEZ Vânzare. With their help we will make sure that as many kids as possible can enjoy kindergarten, having in their little bag everything that they need.


CEZ Vânzare is the main electricity supplier in the South-West of Romania, but also a natural gas supplier, having a portfolio of more than 1.4 million private and industrial clients. The company is involved in community support projects such as CODE Kids, Adăpost cu energie, Promisiunea Verde and now, grădiSTART.


If you are inspired by helping a little person go to kindergarten and want to get involved, our heart is open to receive your donation. Remember you are investing in education. Not just in their education, but in the support of children like then, of the next generation.


If you want to donate money to help us with this project, press confidently the button bellow. Any amount of money helps!



Thank you for standing by the children of Necșești.

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