Cheering seniors – October 2021

We know you didn’t expect that. You obviously don’t want to think about doing something for the last time, you are young and everything in you screams repetition, especially when talking about the things you enjoy. You will keep on going to the mountains, you will read, dance, and travel.


For a senior, though, your certainties are a source of sadness. An old man, lonely and depending on others for basic needs, doesn’t even dare to dream of a dynamic life, he’s only reliving the thrills of some activities in his memory alone. And the intensity of those memories is fading year by year.


pastel Association believes that the elders of any community are fountains of stories. And we want to give a good story to a group of elders from Never Alone Association program.


Our real objective: 30 seniors will attend a theatre show from Teatrul Evreiesc de Stat played at Niciodată Singur Association followed by a festive meal offered by Palace Catering. Our (not at all secret) purpose: make them feel thrilled, hopeful, and eager.


Your donation would be an experience for the elderly. Getting ready and leaving the home loneliness to watch a theatre play in an October day will stay with them and become part of their identity, emotions, and joy. Let’s give them a good story! The one on the stage and the one which will imprint on their souls forever.


Donate below any amount of money and support our plan. We promise to share their reactions to the play.



Thank you for your support, you also deserve a big round of applause!


pastel Association believes in the power of recurrent good deeds, done month by month. If our mission fits and you wish to leave a mark on the world, donate for this project, and spread the news of this fundraising with your colleagues and friends. Let’s make it count and let’s not leave a month pass without doing a good deed!