Cheering seniors – October 2021

Cheering seniors, the pastel Association project from October 2021, has been postponed to 2022 due to the Covid pandemic. We wanted to give the elderly something to be joyful about, but it had to take place in conditions of maximum safety for them.


The problem: Romania’s lonely elderly spend their existence in isolation and oblivion, especially as a result of the pandemic. Socialization and relaxation are essential things they don’t have, and dynamic experiences that give them thrills are out of the question.


The solution: a day at the theater, preceded by a festive meal, was our way of giving hope, excitement and anticipation to the seniors.


Partners: the Niciodată Singur – Prietenii Vârstnicilor Association offered us their premises for the theatrical performance, the State Jewish Theater put on the performance-concert for the seniors-beneficiaries of the Niciodată Singur Association and Palace Catering offered a buffet meal for the participants. InBucate Catering also supported our initiative.


What we did through partners, donors / social media influencers / the channels on which we promoted this project:

  • 26 elderly people from the program of the Niciodată Singur Association participated in the event.
  • The Jewish State Theater held their most cheerful show – concert, Stand-up Lechaim.
  • Palace Catering provided a lunch for all event participants.
  • InBucate Catering were also sponsors of our event.
  • We gifted kits to each elderly participant (shampoo, shower gel, soap, surgical masks, toothbrush and toothpaste), but also a package of salty and sweet snacks from Cofetăriile Alice.
  • We gave each actor and each orchestra member a scarf made by the elderly from the Niciodată Singur Association.
  • According to the testimonies of the elderly, the event had a positive impact in their lives, which they enjoyed wholeheartedly.


“I don’t feel 85 anymore” is our favorite feedback, which convinced us that we had achieved our goal and that the effects were the ones we hoped for – nostalgia, joy, hope – were part of the emotional repertoire of our elderly.