Bruiseless love – NOVEMBER 2021

According to statistics*, 33 women were killed by their partners, former spouses or family members between January and August 2021. In the same period of time were issued over 7000 temporary restraining orders and 6.901 protective orders and most assaulters were men (92%). The situation is even gloomier when taking into consideration that the larger frame regarding violations against women also include the children in the house.


Our project, Bruiseless Love, focused on 12 mothers and their children. They all escaped their homes and were sheltered by Semn de Viață Association. They were the beneficiaries of our basic kit (containing necessary items like tooth paste or saline, tampons, deodorant or shampoo) which would last for a year.


This is what we managed to accomplish with the help of donors/ Social Media influencers / channels where the project was promoted on:

  • We have managed to put together the 12 kits for the women and children.
  • Approximately 20 people have donated products. Thus, we have collected around 500 objects that we included in the aid kits.
  • Specialists in various fields (1 coach, 1 lawyer and 1 therapist, all women) have donated their services for the women at the center.
  • Beside the kits, we also managed to offer extra-help to the mothers and to their children by giving them other necessary items (strollers, linens, cribs, mattresses, baby carriers, cooking machines, bottle warmers, weaning chairs, school materials etc)
  • An artist from Bacău has donated a themed painting (titled Mind Silence) which will be put to good use in a future project that also focuses on victims of domestic abuse.
  • Extra-donations were sent to women in a maternal care center in Bârlad which also shelters victims of gender/ domestic abuse.


*Report presented by Centrul Filia.