Bruiseless love – NOVEMBER 2021

“Why does she stay?” We find ourselves asking this when we find out about a case of domestic violence. “Why doesn’t she leave?” we stay and wonder, judging a situation with implications we know nothing about or issuing opinions about things we don’t want to see. We place the responsibility on the victim rather than blaming the abuser.


A woman who doesn’t leave the one who was supposed to show her love feels an undeniable shame. Most probably, she understands her situation rationally, she knows what she must do, but petty administrative issues – which prove to be vital, in the end – stop her from doing the one thing that can save her: leaving. Where will she stay, who will help with the kids, how will she be able to be mother AND father, where will she work – these are all legitimate questions and deep cuts which push her to despair and put her plans into an eternal waiting: after all, HE may change eventually.


And still… When she leaves behind curses and beatings, fear and shame towards her children, slammed and locked doors, the victim also puts behind words she repeatedly told herself all this time: that she has to keep the family together, that the kids need their father, that it’s not always bad with him, there are also good times.


This is the raw story of many of the survivors of domestic violence. Some of them arrive in a maternal center like Sign of Life where they receive emotional support and where their children are nurtured and cared for. Our fourth project is dedicated to these women and children.


We are happy that their emotional baggage is handled with care in the center, that anxieties are contained, that the mother-child relationship is emphasized and that each of them benefits from protection and adequate care.


With Bruiseless love, pastel Association plans to offer a chance to normality. The beneficiaries’ needs, communicated by themselves, are prosaic, but a must. It’s difficult to ponder about a traumatic situation when you don’t have toothpaste or saline solution for the baby. And a person’s dignity deserves and will be preserved. Especially if we talk about one who fought for life for so long.


Our support will take the form of a kit for mother and child and will consist of all-important things: pads, deodorants, shampoos, masks or baby bottles. The cost of a kit like that is approximately RON 800 and it will be enough for a year.


If you can support the 12 women and their children, we hope for a donation from your part. Any amount will do and we will be as happy if you do the needed kit on your own. If you want to know what the exact products in each kit are, write us an email.



Thank you for your support!


pastel Association believes in the power of recurrent good deeds, done month by month. If our mission fits and you wish to leave a mark on the world, donate for this project, and spread the news of this fundraising with your colleagues and friends. Let’s make it count and let’s not leave a month pass without doing a good deed!

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