Giving to Amara – DECEMBER 2021

Giving to Amara was, in numbers, the pastel Association’s fifth project, our first Christmas project and, in fact, the eight time we were actively involved in the life of the community of Amara in Buzau County. The community’s children come from vulnerable families, whether we talk about children left with grandparents so that parents could earn a better livelihood abroad, children with lots of siblings or orphans.


As the Day center in Amara, the place that brought together children of 7- to 14-year-old, closed at the start of the pandemic, pastel Association wanted to help the children and their families and give them joy disguised in the form of a Christmas box full of goodies.


This is what we managed to do through donors / Social Media influencers / channels through which we promoted this project:

  • We filled all the 60 boxes with non-perishable foods, sweets, fruits, books, toys, new clothes etc with the help of all those who donated time and resources to this project
  • Several companies donated products or money for the children in Amara: Roka Flex, Echipa HRX Profi, Bonduelle, Podravka, Fă Bine, Sarantis Romania, Friesland Campina, Heidi, Mogyi, COSMETIC PLANT, Intersnack Romania, Maspex, Blue Phoenix Romania, the employees of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions.
  • These companies donated a whopping 88 types of products. Thus, over 5300 products were gathered for the 60 boxes destined to the children.
  • Along with these companies, several individual donors have contributed with money or products and the total number of volunteers involved in this project was of 15, the largest number of volunteers our Association needed so far.
  • One Social Media influencer (Carmen Grebenișan) has brought a lot of visibility to the project on Instagram, and a bistro in Bucharest (Paque bistro) has donated to our project all the money it gathered from the participants to a concert that took place there.
  • Extra-donations we received were redistributed to the children at the kindergarten in Necșești, beneficiaries of a previous project.
  • The project was continued with an art exhibition displayed by high schoolers in Bucharest. The event entry was based on a recommended minimal donation and the funds went to Amara by means of a playing through art project.