Warm hearts for Ukraine

Imagine that you took your child and left your home in a hurry. You only managed to grab a teddy bear and a bag of clothes. Or maybe nothing. You waited for days in the cold to cross the border. Finally, you stepped on romanian land. A volunteer offeres you a blanket and two cups of tea. You’re thinking about the house left in chaos and about the relatives left behind. And, especially, you’re thinking about Daddy. He is still there, fighting with the army.


The situation in Ukraine surprised us all, it is hard to imagine that such things are possible in 2022. But if we we are overwhelmed by dark thoughts, time passes and our Ukrainian neighbors feel this to the fullest. We can help those who have already managed to take refuge in Romania.


Given that the cold weather is an extra obstacle for those who are taking refuge from war, we want to help them in these painful moments. Together, let’s offer them some warmth for their bodies and souls.


The following are the current needs for the Ukrainian refugees:  winter blankets, portable electrical heaters, portable radiators, fan heaters, industrial air heaters, diesel-fueled heat cannons, electric blankets, sleeping bags for adults and children, bedding (duvets, pillows), bed linen, rain ponchos and hand heating pads. Please take into account that they should be NEW, not used.


If you can help with some objects from the list above, write to us at contact@asociatiapastel.ro. We’ll be glad to receive your donations at our address in Bucharest: 33 Ardeleni Street.


If you want to contribute directly with money, you can donate in these accounts:

LEI: RO22MIRO0000907290500101

EUR: RO39MIRO0000137290580004

We’ll make sure that your donations reach those who need them, all over the country and as soon as possible. Furthermore, for the fast distribution, we’ll have the logistical support of our friends from Sameday.


For the right coordination and organization, we are closely connected with the authorities and other NGOs involved in this endeavor.


We are thanking you on behalf of the people from Ukraine who will benefit from your help! Don’t forget to spread the word and talk about it to your friends and colleagues. Let’s help our neighbors withstand the sorrow they’re going through!