Saving pedals – narrative report

Saving pedals, pastel Association’s March project, was about women, giving (in all the word’s meanings), doctors, saving and… time.

Problem: the female medical attendants at the Fălticeni Municipal Hospital are depending on other people’s schedule, on occasions, husbands, or their own feet to get to their place of work where they are saving lives. They are compromising their work schedule and sleep time every day in order to have access to certain infrequent buses.

Sollution: in order to ease their access to their workplace, we wanted to give 31 bikes to 31 female medical attendants who meet difficulties when they go to or come back from the hospital where they save lives.

Partners: Carrefour Romania were our partners, and they funded the whole project. We were honored that they stepped up by dedicating important resources so that this project could be succesfully completed.


What we have done through our partners, donors / Social Media influencers / channels through which we have promoted this project:

  • 31 bikes and head protections were offered, during a special event, to 31 female medical attendants from the Fălticeni Municipal Hospital.
  • The event was attended by members of our association and also by Julien Munch – CEO of Carrefour Romania, Alina Gamauf – HR, CSR & Corporate Affairs – Executive Committee Board Member, Carrefour Romania, Vlad Morariu – manager of Fălticeni Municipal Hospital and Cătălin Coman – the mayor of Fălticeni.
  • During the donation event, which took place around Easter, the medical attendants have also attended a flower workshop in order to ornate their bikes with their creations.
  • Carrefour’s employees were volunteers in this project.
  • We have managed to make a double good deed: together with Carrefour Romania, we have made 62 packs with personal hygiene products for the Ukrainian refugees in Fălticeni. They were redistributed where they were needed with the help of a local organization, „EDUCAȚIE, JOC, SENS Association.
  • From a PR standpoint, we have benefited from 4 pieces of news in the local press, one press conference and after event – we benefited from 2 TV reports, 1 printed material and 13 online articles.