Save with first aid- February 2022

When you are a child with special educational needs, life may seem a long succession of obstacles. Of maddening routines. Of worries. And if the disability also leads to crisis, or medical emergencies where rapid intervention is needed, their teachers must be prepared for any of these situations.


This was the thought that led to the Save with first aid project: to offer a first aid course to teachers of 200 children from the School Center for Inclusive Education in Băbeni, Vâlcea county. We wanted to raise money so that the children be always safe, to continue their therapies and to report the maximum of progress. We raised money so that the educational component be supplemented by the human act of helping in case of medical emergency.


This is what we managed to do through donors / Social Media influencers / channels through which we promoted this project:

    • We have reached our goal: 58 of the 72 teachers attended the first aid courses. They are now more prepared to handle unexpected and potentially dangerous situations involving the children in the classroom.
    • We have partnered with the National Society of Red Cross from Romania – Vâlcea Branch – which trained the teachers.
    • There were 2 full days of training, at the end of March.
    • For this project, we benefited from the support of a good deed ambassador, Andra Petrariu, radio host of Orașul vorbește (The city talks) from RRC, who donated her birthday through Galantom platform.