Playground for inclusion 4.0 – April 2024


THE CHALLENGE: There are 81,328 children with disabilities in Romania who, without support, have no chance of an independent future. Whether we are talking about a locomotor handicap or a serious syndrome, these children struggle daily with integration into society.


To gain autonomy in their school and social life, children need interactive educational materials, which have been shown to be the most effective way to help them understand the world more easily. In fact, they need special programs through which they can be monitored and helped to progress.


THE SOLUTION: We want to resume for the fourth time a project through which we felt we made a difference: the Inclusive Playroom. In April 2024, we will equip the fourth playroom in Romania, in an inclusive school center. We will equip it with educational materials, including puzzles, building blocks, counting tools, magnetic boards, educational and creative games, dominoes, modeling sand, and a children’s posture chair.


EXPECTED IMPACT: Children will acquire skills that will help them integrate more easily into society and develop personally and professionally. In the long term, they will be able to be included in professional environments and thus contribute to the well-being of communities.


YOU CAN HELP: Our goal for April is to help children with disabilities integrate more easily into society and ensure them the development they deserve. If you also want to be part of our mission, contribute with a donation below.



pastel Association believes in the power of recurrent good deeds, done month by month. If our mission fits and you wish to leave a mark on the world, donate for this project, and spread the news of this fundraising with your colleagues and friends. Let’s make it count and let’s not leave a month pass without doing a good deed!