Cheering seniors 2.0 – October 2023


Cheering seniors is the project of the Pastel Association from October which, in 2023, reached a second edition. The goal remained the same, the experience was different.


THE CHALLENGE: According to a study carried out by our partner the Niciodată Singur – Prietenii Vârstnicilor Association:

  • 1 in 4 elderly people in the urban environment face an extreme degree of loneliness
  • 3 out of 10 seniors have no one to talk to or rely on when needed
  • 1 in 4 seniors report poor physical and mental health, exacerbated by loneliness
  • 1 out of 2 elderly people do not benefit from sufficient support from relatives and the community.


THE SOLUTION: To offer the elderly, beneficiaries of the Niciodată Singur – Prietenii Vârstnicilor Association, an experience that will relieve their loneliness and a memory that will stay with them for a longer time.


PARTNERS: We are grateful to all the partners who made Cheering seniors a reality on October 28. The Jewish State Theatre offered us their headquarters to carry out our activities and to make the 80 seniors-beneficiaries of the Niciodată Singur – Prietenii Vârstnicilor Association happy. Macromex Romania (with Edenia brands and Food & Glory pasta) and Elegant Catering offered a buffet meal for the participants. Prima Band Bucharest and Charisma Band created a great atmosphere with their music that made the seniors dance. The artist Vladimir Chirca made the elderly really happy by drawing their caricature. Mega Image Romania and Cofetăria Alice made sure that the elderly go home with a gift. 


What we did through partners, donors / social media influencers / channels on which we promoted this project:

  • On October 28, at the Jewish State Theater we organized a special event with popular music, good food and surprises.
  • 80 elderly people from the program of Niciodată Singur – Prietenii Vârstnicilor Association participated in the event.
  • Prima  Band Bucharest and Charisma Band held the concert with Romanian traditional music. They managed to get the seniors out of their seats, unite them in a Romanian round dance, energize them and make them feel “so young”. The songs were well chosen and awakened in them such strong emotions.
  • The artist Vladimir Chirca drew a caricature for the elderly, a moment that really amused them.
  • Macromex Romania with Edenia brands and Food & Glory pasta and Elegant Catering offered a lunch for all participants of the event.
  • We gave kits to each elderly participant with products from Mega Image Romania (shampoo, shower gel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, gingerbread, biscuits and natural apple juice), but also a package with salty snacks and sweets from Cofetăriile Alice.


We asked the elderly to write messages or advice for the younger generations. It ended up with all of us being extremely emotional…



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