Refresh Călărași Zoo – November 2023


Refresh Călărași Zoo, the Pastel Association project from November 2023, was about the needs of the Călărași Zoo and our desire to ensure a clean, healthy and pleasant environment for animals and visitors.


The Challenge: Over time, conditions in zoos begin to deteriorate. Infrastructure decays, fences rust and paint rubs off. The environment thus becomes less suitable for the animals’ needs.


The solution: Let’s refresh Călărași Zoo, cleaning the alleys and the gazebo area on the island and painting the borders in pastel colors.


Partners: This action was a success thanks to the support of the Avon team who were also physically with us with 30 volunteers.


What we did through partners, donors / social media influencers / channels on which we promoted this project:

  • On November 10, 2023, together with 30 volunteers from the Avon team, we gave Refresh Călași Zoo.
  • We split into 3 teams and distributed tasks to cover as many of the Zoo’s needs as possible.
  • We painted the gazebos with protective varnish, reapplied a layer of paint on the fences at the entrance, and painted the curbs in pastel colors.
  • We cleaned the hippopotamus tank.
  • We cleaned the waste, leaves and branches from the green spaces.


Zoos are complex systems requiring regular maintenance and repair to maintain good condition. We are grateful that we have created an environment suitable for the needs of the animals.




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