STARTedu – September 2023


startEDU, our project from September 2022, marked a successful attempt to transform and tame the geographical isolation of 45 students from the commune: “C.A. Rosetti” from Tulcea county. C.A. Rosetti is one of the most secluded communes in Romania – this place hosting 3 schools that serve/correspond to 5 villages and locating the one and only high school in the area, at 102 km away.


Last year, with the help of partners and donors, 45 children from the community benefited from over 3000 teaching materials (from pens to Legos, geography maps, workbooks, boards and consumable). Also, we provided schools with cleaning supplies and other materials mandatory for a proper education process of youngsters.


The September 2023 edition of the project is focused on the children’s community from Tulcea too, because we want to continue to be next to them, to provide them the best start to school and to prepare new materials and supplies to these children. We do this because we strongly believe that the pleasure of learning can be stimulated and maintained with the right tools.


It is their time to learn, to get educated, to grow. It is their chance. All they need is that the adults around them to pay attention to what they require. They need to enjoy school, to be cognitively stimulated with new and interesting materials, to discover the pleasure of learning, to activate their curiosity, to stop assessing the way to and from the educational establishment only in shortages. Our goal is, just like last year, to offer individual kits with everything these children need, at the beginning of the new school year. In addition, we wish to furnish/equip the school with the necessary tools as to be better prepared for the start of the school year and to welcome back the youngsters properly.


We are grateful and happy to have the good people from Kaufland and Vard Electro with us in this journey, as well as last year. Their support and willingness to give back to the community they activate in, honor us and give us confidence that we can truly change the world we live in.


If our approach seems to make sense to you/resonates with you, we are waiting for a sign from you and your donation of necessary supplies – we have a concrete list that we can make available to donors. You can send us an email at contact@asociatiapastel.ro.


If you can help us with any amount of money, we gladly record your contribution on the button below. It is also very helpful and appreciated if you could spread our message to your friends and colleagues.


Thank you on behalf of each of the children from the schools of C.A. Rosetti, Tulcea county!


The Pastel Association is a firm believer in the impact of good deeds carried out consistently, month after month. If our mission suits you and you want to leave your mark on the world, support us with a donation on this project and spread awareness regarding our mission among your friends and co-workers. Don’t let a month go by without performing a good deed!




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