Good eyes for the future 2.0 – August 2023


Good Eyes for the Future, the pastel Association project from August 2023, was about offering children from the most isolated villages of Tulcea county, an optometric consultation, for the first time in their lives.


Problem: The children from C. A. Rosetti, Letea, or Periprava villages have never had part of an optometric check. The most appropriate clinic is in Tulcea, 113 Km away, a long and difficult journey by boat, car, and boat of 10 hours, round trip.


Solution: We proposed to go to them in the villages and organize a free optometry office in the commune of C.A. Rosetti, to provide consultations and eyeglasses for children with eyesight deficiency.


Partners: This project was successfully completed with the support of the Lensa team who were also physically with us in the community when we reached the children.


What we did with the help of the partners, donors, and through the channels that we involved in the promotion of this project:

  • On September 6-7 we reached the school in the commune of C.A. Rosetti where we organized a free optometry clinic.
  • A Lensa optometrist offered consultations for children from 3 schools in the commune of C.A. Rosetti and from the 5 villages that form the community. In total, 27 children (5 and 18 years old) and 6 adults were consulted.
  • Of the 27 children consulted, 16 had major vision deficiencies and an urgent need for glasses. In the case of adults, all of those consulted needed glasses.
  • Children and adults with vision problems were also consulted by Dr. Dorina Stăetu, an eye specialist, who confirmed the deficiencies and the need for glasses.
  • Children tried on different models of eyeglasses frames and chose their favorite pair.
  • The Lensa team also prepared a kit with various gifts for them.


From a PR point of view, the press release was picked up by local, national, generalist, and social media publications.


We fulfilled our dream – we gave the children the chance to see the world more clearly. 




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